EQUISSE by Cormay- Distinguished Biochemistry Analyser
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EQUISSE by Cormay- Distinguished Biochemistry Analyser
Awarded with the Innovation and Research Award in 2014.

A medical instrument, which already fulfils the future requirements of in-vitro diagnostics today – that’s the appropriate way defining the new biochemistry analyser of the Cormay company.

This was also recognised by the Carinthia Business development Fund, which recently distinguished the Biochemistry Analyser with the Innovation and Research Award of Carinthia. In addition, the laboratory analysis device has also qualified for the Austrian National Innovation Prize. The jury values the development leap that the Cormay Group and  the WILD Group have achieved with this innovative complete device because in comparison to conventional devices on the market, Equisse sets new standards when it comes to usability, comfort and efficiency.

Equisse biochemistry analzyer is one of the major projects run by Cormay and Wild Company. This product comes from 30 years of experience. Aimed at laboratories worldwide, it has been created the analzyer based on innovative technology to meet all customers’ needs.  The unique features like continuous sample loading, pre-start validation and revolutionary design make Equisse extremely competitive.

Perfect combination of the wealth of the experience  and the comprehensive medical laboratory know-how gives the desired effect. At the MEDICA exhibition, one trade fair where the device was presented, it could be seen that the product is exactly tailored to market requirements.



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