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Our high quality products are manufactured using the most modern technologies and are evaluated using NCCLS protocols.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 / 13 485 The certificate has been approved by Llyod’s Register Quality Assurance Limited. The Quality Management System is applicable to design, manufacturing and distribution of in vitro diagnostic medical devices for medical, industry laboratories. Sales and services medical equipment.

All our efforts are focused on the offering products of the highest quality in order to achieve full customer satisfaction. The mission of P.Z. CORMAY is to offer wide range products satysfing the demands of all its customers.

The quality of CORMAY products and services has been highly acclaimed, and awarded in the year 1994 with the prize of the IV edition of "Teraz Polska" contest organised for the purpose of awarding the best products manufactured in Poland. This prestigious prize handed by the President of the Republic of Poland was awarded to the company for its CORMAY CHOL PAP kit used for enzymatic determining the cholesterol concentration level in blood.

In 1997 we commenced the introduction of the Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001 which was successfully brought to a close in January 1998. The certificate has been approved by the oldest and most renowned certification firm Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. The certificate is accredited by the English, Germany, Japan and US accreditation units. The Quality Management System is applicable to design, manufacture and delivery of diagnostic test kits for health service and food industry laboratories. The transparent structure of the company enables us to manage quality in a comprehensive way. The technology of our kits is designed in the Research and Development Department. The raw materials are tested in the Delivery Section. The quality plans determine the successive stages of creating our product in The Technology Laboratory. In the Quality Control Laboratory the components are examined. The whole system is supervised by the Quality Assurance Department which carries out a thorough analysis of the production records, certifies the products for sale and controls the archives. The department issues quality certificates of our products.

For its participation in the export of products and of services CORMAY has been awarded with the prize of the Minister of Economy, Labour, Social Policy and Foreign Markets and was given the Polish Export Leader to the year 2003.

Our high quality products are manufactured using the most modern technologies and are evaluated using NCCLS protocols. We prepare P.Z. CORMAY products to meet CE marking requirements to expand our market in the European Union and rest of the word



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